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In food we trust.

The sixteenth century brick arches and historied walls that once housed the shiny horses of a nearby carousel, “giostra”; now hold our 16 tables where new stories begin each night. Since 1992 in the heart of the historic center of Florence, between the Duomo and Piazza Santa Croce

Primi piatti La Giostra Firenze
La Giostra
Basilica Firenze
Secondi piatti La Giostra Firenze

Our creations.

Executive chef Ubaldo Tornarelli joined by our talented kitchen staff, craft our unique art of cooking each day.

Authentic Tuscan flavors and refined hospitality.

Under the twinkling amber lights, couples in love, family and friends unite for the love of good food and charmed hospitality in an atmosphere that feels like home.

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Soldano Kunz

Our Story.

Over twentyfive years ago, a Hapsburg Prince and his 3 children, joined together to share their family traditions and ancient recipes with the people of Florence. And so the “legend” of La Giostra began… 

News of a noble family managing with dishes and napkins made headlines, but it did not come as a surprise to everyone. Friends who were accustomed to gathering around the table of the Prince, at his family castle in the Chianti countryside knew very well the magic of his food and had often suggested he open a restaurant. 

What is our secret? Well it is simple, we are children of time. Ancient flavors, stirred with passion and heritage. 

Our “legend” goes on, merited by the passion of our “La Giostra” family. Led by Soldano, who personally supervises the wine cellar and runs the restaurant with a deep respect to his heritage, touching each guest with his warmth and charm, just as his father did for so many years.

Anastasia Kunz

Our friends.